SLQ Coins is family owned and operated with its top priorities being 100% client satisfaction, superior inventory selections, and exposure to the collector community.

Inventory Selections at SLQ Coins targets KEY, SEMI-KEY, AND SCARCE-DATES within many popular series of American Coins including Buffalo Nickels, Winged Liberty (Mercury) Dimes, Barber & Standing Liberty Quarters, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Morgan Dollars and Saint-Gauden's Double Eagle Twenty-Dollar Gold. SLQ Coins has always maintained an impressive inventory of better-date Standing Liberty Quarters particularly targeting specimens displaying Full Head detailing ever so popular with series collectors.

Inventory Selections at SLQ Coins are generally certified by NGC, ICG, PCGS, or ANACS in grades ranging from AU-50 or higher. Key date issues, such as the 1916 and 1918/17-S will be certified in all grade ranges. It is FIRMLY our belief and philosophy that appropriate third-party certification provides both the seller and buyer a measure of assurance of authenticity, originality, and fairness of grade. Third-party certification also provides a level of comfort and an "evenness of the playing field" not normally experienced with the purchase of "raw-coins" by collectors.

SLQ Coins is an authorized NUMISMATIC GUARANTEE CORPORATION (NGC) Member-Dealer, and an INDEPENDENT COIN GRADING COMPANY (ICG) Authorized Dealer. SLQ Coins is also an authorized COIN WORLD Dealer-Advertiser. Steven Sabatino, principle Numismatist and owner of SLQ Coins, is a life member of the ANA, a member of the Garden State Numismatic Association (GSNA), Florida Numismatists Association (FUN) and the Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS). Steve is also a retired 31-year Chemistry Instructor holding BS and MS Degrees from Franklin Pierce College and Seton Hall University. Steve's academic specialties include chemical metallurgy and alloys so fundamental to the understanding of Contemporary Numismatic Issues such as "original or primary toning", the optical physics of original "luster", chemical "dipping", and artificial surface "toning".

SLQ Coins works diligently to obtain outstanding specimens for it's inventory that display strong physical characteristics for their assigned grades. Coins displaying original & fresh surfaces, original primary colors, and strong strike characteristics are of highest interest. Coins displaying negative eye appeal, artificial color, and/or impaired luster due to excessive chemical "dipping" and loss of original flow lines are unacceptable (regardless of holder).

SLQ Coins accepts CHECKS and MONEY ORDERS in addition to our FREE LAYAWAY PLAN. SLQ Coins also accepts trade-in's for partial or full payment for outstanding coins of interest to our clients. Please contact us regarding details of our FREE LAYAWAY PLAN. 7-DAY RETURN privileges on all purchases.


Please click the above "Inventory" icon and enjoy browsing our many outstanding selections. Each inventory item will include Certification, Grade, Attribution(s), Description, Inventory Number and Price.

If you find something of special interest, please contact us by one of the several ways indicated below. We would be more than happy to discuss one of the many transaction options available to our clients.


Please click the above "Shows/News" icon to find the locations and dates of upcoming scheduled Coin Shows that will be attended by SLQ Coins. We also utilize this page to include News and Commentaries about recent Numismatic Topics and Issues of general interest to the collector community.


Periodically, SLQ Coins includes a section in its client Newsletter directed at exploring topics of interest to Numismatics. These topics have ranged from a Scientific explanation of luster to an in-depth exploration of specific issues of coins within the Standing Liberty Quarter and other series of coinage.

In addition to providing the Numismatic Community with an outstanding inventory of certified coins for the most discriminating collectors, SLQ Coins firmly believes in providing a useful and informative Education Forum for it's readers - both young and old. A topic written by the SLQ Coins staff, with over 61 years of teaching experience in the classroom, will periodically be included for your edification.


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